Sex Education

Relationships and Sex Education

The Aims of RSE in our school are to:

  • Provide all children with the information to understand the physical, emotional and social aspects of human development.
  • Provide a knowledge and understanding of loving and stable relationships within the family unit.
  • Develop respect for themselves and others, the acceptance of responsibility, and a sensitivity towards the needs and views of others.
  • Provide children with an understanding that individuals have rights over their own bodies.
  • Prepare children for puberty; introducing them to the emotional and physical changes associated with puberty, from Yr 4. This is also included in the year 5 science curriculum, where the children study the changes in humans and other animals from birth.
  • Provide older children, Yr 6, with a basic understanding of human reproduction, including conception and birth, and knowledge of contraception.
  • Ensure that children know and use the technical vocabulary associated with the human body, human reproduction and sex, at the appropriate stage.

You will be notified before these sessions so that you are prepared for any questions that your children may have.

RSE policy:

RSE-Policy to be reviewed March 2024