We have a extensive and hard working team of teaching and support staff at Woodlands.

Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mr John Demmerling
Deputy Headteacher: Miss Yvonne Crilly (Years 4 to 6 Leader)

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Jo Duncombe  Years 1 to 3 Leader and Literacy Leader

other Senior Leaders: Mrs Louise Chaplin- Early Years Phase Leader,  Mrs Mandy Fisher-Inclusion Manager, Mrs Tina Murray-SENCO.

Teaching Staff

EYFS: Mrs Louise Chaplin, Miss Ellese Smallwood, Miss Emma Preece, Mrs Becca Halliwell

Year 1: Mrs Carly Braim, Mrs Kirsty Paterson
Year 2: Mrs Wendy Shedden, Mrs Dawn Jones
Year 3: Mrs Lyndsey Thompson/Mr. James Parker, Mrs Diane Whiteley
Year 4: Ms Caroline Whale, Laura Roberts
Year 5: Mrs Donna Ellis , Mr Ben Watkins
Year 6: Miss Zoe Hailey, Miss Kirstie Booth

Jigsaw: Mrs Julia Housley, Annette Smith. Helena Fairclough & Mandy Vale

Den: Mrs Tina Murray, Julie Murdoch

Teaching Assistants

Early Years: Helen Archer, Anne Drury, Emma Ingham, Lisa Hevingham, Sarah Bryan, Elleanor Thompson, Mrs Alison Dodd (2 days cover)

Key Stage 1: Teresa Oliver, Anne-Marie Cross, Fiona Bramhill, Anna Barnett, Sue Williams, Sue Lewis, Roisin Whitehouse, Helen Browne, Mrs Alison Dodd (2 day cover)

Key Stage 2: Kaye Price, Dena Molloy, Teresa Brennan, Tina Simpkins, Nicola Groves, Karen Millington, Julie Murdoch, Rose-marie Nicholas, Mrs Alison Dodd (1 day cover)

Library: Pauline Hall

Inclusion team

Inclusion Manager: Mrs Mandy Fisher

Learning Mentors: Mrs Annette Smith

Community Link Worker: Mrs Lynn Bailey

Administration Team

School Business Manager: Miss Vanessa Bradley

Administrators: Mrs June Phillips, Miss Emma Burgess and Ms Terri Speak