I have a dream…


This week you saw that year 6 had the opportunity to plan their own learning. One thing they were intrigued with was influential people such as JFK and Martin Luther King.

The children were so eager to learn about Martin Luther King; they loved finding out about his life. The children this morning had the chance to witness his speech, many of the children said it gave them goosebumps.

This led us on to some difficult, current topics surrounding what our hopes and dreams are for the future of the world.

The children should be really proud of themselves. They went into today’s lesson with maturity and sensitivity, which shows how much they are preparing for the move to secondary school pupils.

All of the children produced fantastic ‘I have a dream’ speeches. We will be typing them up and putting some on here for you to read.

Myself and Mrs Simpkins were very proud of you all  today!