January in Year 2


During the first half of January, the children have been learning about poetry. Together they discussed the layout of a poem and that many poems rhyme. The children then worked as part of a group to write acrostic and rhyming poems about Spring.

The children then moved on to learning about the Great Plague and understanding how to read and understand a piece of text in order to answer questions. They then used the facts learnt to write sentences about The Great Plague using co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions.



In maths, the children have learnt how to read and record temperature to the nearest degree using the measurement degrees Celsius. They have reviewed their understanding of how to measure the length and height of objects using a ruler and the measurement centimetres before comparing the measurement of 2 objects using the mathematical symbols:

< (less than)

> (more than)

= (equal to)

The children have consolidated their knowledge of division using objects and jottings to support solving given calculations. The children then used this understanding to solve division word problems.


The children have been researching the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London using a variety of information sources – iPad, non-fiction texts, painting, and drawings. The children initially worked in groups to research both historical events and shared the facts that they had learnt with the class before focussing their research of the Great Plague of London. The children shared their findings using mind maps, drawings, paintings, clay, small construction and writing.

Below are two videos used in class to research the Plague.





As part of the children’s indoor PE lessons they have been learning how to follow and remember a dance routine to perform to the song Waka Waka by Shakira. They have learnt how to dance in unison and in a cannon as well as how to travel in different ways around a space.

During their outdoor pe lessons the children have been focusing on target game skills. They have been learning how to kick towards a given target, throw a ball into a bucket and to accurately throw and catch in a pair.