January update for Jigsaw 2023

In Jigsaw maths lessons, the children have focussed on using resources to consolidate their knowledge of place value, which has then enabled them to complete more complicated addition and subtraction equations, where they have been able to expand the numbers they have used to ensure the accuracy of their work. The children have demonstrated good resilience and confidence when working this month, embracing new challenges and using their ‘Secrets of Success’ when trying new things and pushing themselves.

In the Nurture group, the children made the most of the sprinkling of snow that fell – exploring it by making snow angels, walking in it, and creating their own mini snowmen. The children have also worked on creating dens and habitats out in the forest school area. This has involved using tools safely to cut twigs and wood, as well as developing their collaborative skills when negotiating which areas and resources to use.

In the Nurture group, the children celebrated Chinese New Year. They explored creating Chinese symbols and tasted a variety of Chinese foods – not all of them were a hit! They worked to create their own spring rolls, which involved chopping, frying, folding and then baking. The children even used chopsticks to eat with for a more authentic experience.