Jigsaw 1 and 2 remote learning for w.b. 01.03.2021


This week in Jigsaw we will be;

In Guided reading focussing on the story of Chloe the Chameleon by Celia Warren and Rob Hefferan. We will spend time discussing the text and then using it to help us answer questions. Later on in the week we will be expanding our vocabulary knowledge by selecting words to complete sentences from the text.

In Literacy the different phonics groups will be looking at and reading their new texts, alongside developing their knowledge and fluency of the speed sounds to enable them to read with increased confidence and accuracy. The children will then complete activities based on their texts which include editing, recording dictated sentences, answering questions about the text and then writing about the text.

In maths we are continuing to look at subtraction and this week we will be developing our confidence in this by solving word problems, marking work that has been completed to edit any errors and then finding the missing digits in column equations.

In Jigsaw 2 – Nurture group we will be continuing to focus on Science with plants – how do they grow and what do they need to grow. We will be continuing our exploration of geography with 3D maps using a variety of different resources to create given landscapes. And of course, we will continue to develop our PSHE skills by learning to respond appropriately and make independent, positive choices when learning independently and with others.

Of course, the work will be up loaded onto class dojos each day and we value you sending in pictures of the work you are completing at home!

If you have any problems then please do not hesitate in sending us a message or calling school so we can help you!

Take care and have a fantastic week!


Mrs Housley