Jigsaw – April 2023



Revitalsing the flower beds at the front of the school

The children have worked through wind, rain and sun to renovate the beds at the front of school to make them more appealing as well as consolidating their understanding of life cycles, what plants need to survive and the variation of plants and vegetables. Each bed is dedicated to a different theme, ranging from vegetables, wildlife friendly, sensory. Keep a look at for the coronation bed that is currently under design. Lots of the children enjoy the calming feeling of gardening as it uses their senses in different ways and they are discovering hidden talents for planting!

Fire pit and cooking bread

The children have learnt about fire this month – they have been challenged to understand what a fire needs to be successful and how their behaviour must change when they are near the fire pit. The children were able to learn how to light a fire, using a fire stick. Then they created a bread dough and cooked it on the fire that they had created.


The children have wanted to make their own cheesecakes for several weeks, so this month they have had the opportunity. The children understand the need to weigh ingredients accurately, to ensure that the recipe is successful. They know to maintain high standards of hygiene whilst they are cooking and of course, how to follow a recipe.

The cheesecake ingredients were a little confusing to the children, when they were using actual cheese, however, the proof is in the pudding, as they say and the cheesecakes were a huge hit! Even if they had to share them at home too!

circle time

Circle time in Nurture remains a priority for several reasons. It encourages the children to reflect on their day and how this has made them feel, whilst being able to identify and acknowledge how they are feeling without judgement. The children are all encouraged to select a coloured gem, which denotes a particular feeling, and then take it in turns to share how they are feeling. The rest of the group and expected to listen respectfully and ask appropriate questions or offer support and advice. The children enjoy this part of the session and are very open and honest when discussing how they are feeling.