Jigsaw December update 2022

In the Nurture group we have been busy cooking up a storm – the children are excited to try a variety of foods and cooking techniques. They started with homemade pizzas, created in the eco lodge and then cooked on the open fire outside.

The children, were keen to bring Christmas into their baking, so created gingerbread biscuits. They refined their skills to work hygienically and to used a variety of utensils to help them create their finished products; this time baked in the oven, decorated and of course tasted!

The children then continued with their Christmas themes by decorating the eco lodge windows with Christmas motifs and messages  – they worked collaboratively and used new chalk pen resources. They worked hard to refine and improve their work as they adapted to how the pens work.

The children then worked creatively to make gifts for their friends in the group – the names were chosen at random using a ‘secret Santa’ theme. The children needed to keep their person at the front of their mind as they created their gifts, using their knowledge of the friends likes and dislikes to create a thoughtful gift.

We have sadly said goodbye to three of our members of the group as they have moved to different schools during this month – this was sad and the children shared their memories with their friends about what they had enjoyed when working with them. However this did mean that we were able to welcome 2 new members to the group. The children were very welcoming and kind and have supported the children to feel comfortable and have modelled positive behaviour to ensure that they feel successful! We are very proud of all of the children that have and still do attend the Nurture provision and the progress they have demonstrated over this first term!!