Jigsaw in January.

It was fantastic to welcome back all the Jigsaw children after a much needed break over Christmas. The children have returned well and are enjoying the new learning that has been happening this month.

In guided reading we have been exploring some poetry texts that have included rhyming words and alliteration. The children have been quick to identify these interesting words and use them in their own writing.

In maths we have been focussing on fractions – this has been a real challenge but the children have worked hard to develop their understanding of the concept and use them to solve problems, add and subtract and compare and order a variety of different fraction amounts. Below are some examples of the children’s work;

In the Nurture group, we have been exploring sketching – this has involved trying a variety of different pencils and varying the amount of pressure we use to create different tones and shades. The children have explored maps and their features and then created their own 3d map showing both human and physical features. The children have also been encouraged to investigate timelines – this started with creating their own and then researching a particular area of interest to create an independent timeline. These have varied from the topics of biscuits, Lego, cars and football teams. The children have enjoyed the independence of selecting their own area of history to explore. Below are some images of the children learning.