Jigsaw January update.

ice and frost

The children made the most of the frozen weather at the start of the month and were able to spend many days exploring and investigating how the weather impacts on forest school. The children collected frost, created frozen pieces of art work and explored the best places to find ice. Best of all the pond froze over and this got the better of the children’s curiosity. They explored how deep the ice went and were able to spend time breaking it up for the wildlife that live in and around the pond area.


Cooking for Chinese New Year

The children have spent time working on cooking skills to create Chinese vegetable spring rolls. They were able to gain experience in a variety of different cooking skills, including chopping, frying, baking and of course tasting! The spring rolls were a huge success.

Den building

A group collaboration challenge this month for the children to tackle. They have used resources from forest school and created their own in inventive and thoughtful ways. The children have worked together to share ideas, improve and reflect on their designs.


Circle time

This remains a constant part of the Nurture afternoon, where the children share and consider their feelings and emotions of themselves and each other. This helps and supports the fostering of empathy and consideration of others, strengthening positive relationships within the group.