Jigsaw October 2023

The children in Jigsaw have being working on their Proud books this month. This is an opportunity for them to identify learning from both Jigsaw and their class that has made them feel proud. The children have enjoyed selecting their work and then sharing the books at home.

In Jigsaw this month the children have been focussed on addition and then problem solving by working systematically. The children have worked collaboratively and independently to complete tasks.


In literacy, the children have been focussing on non fiction texts. The children have read and evaluated pieces of writing and then worked hard to plan and then record a leaflet about how to keep your phone safe before entering The Dragon’s Den with their persuasive text for a brand new gadget! The children particularly enjoyed developing the gadgets abilities and potential. Maybe we have some budding entrepreneurs in the class.


I am thrilled that so many children are bringing their reading books and reading diaries to school each day. On top of this they are reading at home, which is helping to develop their confidence and skill in reading in class – this has been a great improvement. The children are also completing and returning their homework each week! Thank you for your continued support with these learning activities, it makes a real difference to the children’s progress.