Jigsaw remote learning W.b. 22.02.2021


Jigsaw timetable w.b. 22.02.21

This week in Jigsaw 1 and 2 we will be;

In guided reading focussing on the book called ‘How turtle got his shell’ by Susan Akass. We will be reading this together and then answering some questions based on the text and expanding our vocabulary knowledge using words and meanings from the book.


There is an opportunity for some extra reading and listening to animal based stories through the Twinkle Go link show above.  📚🧩


In Literacy this week the different phonics groups will be focusing on their texts, whilst following the speed sounds lessons and recording their ideas about stories and characters. There are spellings for each group in the homework page for you to practise each day.

Each phonic group will load their texts and work on the Class Dojo page each day. 📒📝😊

In maths this week we are revisiting the subtraction from the end of last term and then moving on to renaming and completing more complicated equations using the skills we have already developed. If you have worked hard and completed the learning set then please use the link for the mental arithmetic ‘work out’ with the games on Twinkl Go. 📘✏🧮

In Nurture group we will be continuing to explore maps and the information they can provide us alongside developing our own understanding of Human and Physical geography by creating 3D landscapes and maps to demonstrate this. the children will also be encouraged to explore plants and growing as we take some small steps towards more milder weather! Below are some links to mindfulness for anyone that would like to explore them and use them in this tricky time. 🙌🌈


All work will be posted daily on Class Dojo’s and the Jigsaw staff are all available to help with learning, answer any questions and celebrate your success!! Below is the link for the Jigsaw class page.


Have a fantastic week and we have got our fingers crossed that we are able to see lots more of you back in school soon – we miss you all!  😊🧩

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Housley 🤩😊🧩