Magnificent March in Nursery!

Wow! What a busy month we have had in EYFS! The children have really been pushing themselves and working hard and are loving sharing their thinking and understanding with others.


The children in Nursery have been learning about families and have been talking about members of their own families. They used mark making materials to represent their family members and shared them with others in their group. Together we have begun to learn about celebrations and how the children celebrate with their family. The children were asked to talk about and mark make to share their family celebrations. We have also read the story “We’re going on a bear hunt”. The children have acted out parts of the story using phases that they can remember.

During maths time in Nursery the children have been learning about the numbers 1,2,3. They have been learning how to say the number names in the correct order and how to accurately could out 1,2,3 objects from a larger group. Recently they have begun to explore the various ways to make the total 1,2,3.

Parental Involvement

Over the month it’s been lovely to see so many parents and carers joining us in the unit for our maths stay and learn sessions. It’s wonderful getting to share the learning with your first hand and the children love getting to show off their fantastic work with you.


Last but not least we have had some very exciting new members of the EYFS unit – 5 chicks! Over the month we have waited and watched them hatch and grow. The children have researched how to look after and take care of the chicks and have loved getting to hold them when they were tiny. We can’t wait to get them into their new home in snake garden after the Easter Holidays.