March in Jigsaw

This month we have been busy again in Jigsaw and the Nurture group, learning, investigating and improving.

In Guided reading we have been looking at lots of non-fiction texts to improve our ability to find information to answer questions. We have also used dictionaries to help us understand the meaning of the different words we are finding.

Here are some images of the learning;

In maths we have spent lots of time exploring and investigating 2D and 3D shapes. We have looked carefully at their properties, explored their similarities and differences and identified lines of symmetry. We then used them to create building, pictures and art work.

Below are some images of the learning;

In the Nurture group we have also been busy exploring the outside world in Forest School, including the pond, where we have been lucky enough to observe tadpoles in a variety of different stages, as well as spotting a range of different insect life.

The children have also been involved in a variety of different learning and exploration activities, such as cooking, painting, forest school den building, riding bikes and using sports equipment. All of these learning activities are designed and offered to encourage the children to develop their social skills, resilience and empathy towards themselves and each other. The children have been able to identify their own success and those of others and celebrate them appropriately. Here are some photographs of this learning.