March appears to have whizzed by in a flash and we can hardly believe it is April this week!

Last week, Y6 were lucky enough to participate in an RE Online Conference for Young People, hosted by SACRE and Telford & Wrekin.

Firstly, a lecturer from Harper Adams spoke to us about climate change (the focus of the conference) and the things that we, as individuals, can do to combat it. He even had us considering the breakfast we ate this morning and where it had come from! For example, cereal will have been bought from the shop and, to get there, it would likely have been driven from a long way away contributing to pollution.

Then, we split into groups for workshops with six key faiths: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Sikhism.

Following on from this, we shared the knowledge gained from these workshops and decided what we, at Woodlands, can do to combat climate change.

Some of our suggestions were to:

  • Increase the time spent litter picking – once a week, perhaps in golden time?
  • Have an afterschool eco club – perhaps plant trees?
  • Maintain/look after our pond in the forest school area.
  • Invest in solar panels? Wind turbines?
  • Turn off electronics, at the wall, when not in use.
  • Make nests for birds to increase their chances of survival.
  • Investigate whether there are eco-friendly footballs we can use or whether we can recycle plastic footballs when they burst.
  • Host a ‘vegan day’ in the canteen to introduce the idea and explore recipe possibilities.
  • Approach the canteen to minimise plastic waste at lunch time e.g the jelly pots.

Ultimately, Y6 decided that they would like Woodlands to have an afterschool eco-club (perhaps run by year sixes!) where children could plant trees, litter pick, clean/maintain the pond or create nests for birds to increase their chances of survival. Y6 also decided that they would like to explore lunchtimes at Woodlands and try to encourage the canteen to perhaps buy locally or use some of the produce grown in the forest school area.

Finally, we took part in the SACRE ‘news report’ and very much enjoyed finding out what schools across Telford & Wrekin are planning to do to combat climate change.

In other news…

  • We had great fun dressing in red for Comic Relief and also enjoyed seeing some of the wacky hairstyles children came up with!
  • We have been working really hard on our skills playing a recorder – learning the notes B, A, G and E. We have much more work to do but are thoroughly enjoying playing pieces of music as a class, as groups and, sometimes, even as individuals.
  • Y6 have been enlisted by Mrs Fisher and Mrs Craven to help create a leaflet for parents, and children, about ‘Developing a Respectful Culture’ here at Woodlands. This will be shared with you soon – hopefully!