March in Year 2

Another month has passed and we’ve covered so much new learning in our lessons.

Children in literacy have been closely examining the ‘Great Fire of London’. We are able to learn about this great fire because a famous man ‘Samuel Pepys’ kept a diary. We can still read his diary today and we are able to learn all the facts about the fire and the changes made to London following the horrific events of 1666.

In maths we have been looking at different measures; measuring time, weight and capacity. We have learnt about reading scales and have also applied our knowledge to solve problems.

In science we have been planning experimenting and investigating materials and their properties. We have even been responsible for planning our own investigation questions and carrying out an experiment to find out if we can change the stretch of socks.

In art we have been using pencil and then charcoal exploring mark making, textures and effects. We were amazed to find how artistic we can be without having to use colour.

Look at some of our amazing art work here;