March in Year 5

This month we have been focusing our learning on the text Street child by Berlie Doherty, which continued with our theme of the Victorians.

We have looked at the characters and the setting within the story and had lots of discussions about what life must have been like for a Victorian child, especially one who had to live and work in the Workhouse.


The children have also learnt about mechanisms. In Design and Technology, they have been creating a pop up book based on a Victorian seaside adventure, which includes sliders and levers.

During the beginning of March we had an RE focus day where we look at Hinduism and its key beliefs, we had some artefacts of different Gods to examine and predict what they were the gods of and the Puja tray, which holds a number of important items for worship and is kept on their Shrines.

Finally, for World Book Day Year 5 had the wonderful opportunity to take part in a real-life circus. Loco Leo demonstrated how to use a variety of circus equipment and performed tricks, then it was our turn to give it a go. It was much harder than it looked!