May in Early Years

The children within EYFS have had a busy few weeks, exploring many different ideas as they engaged in a variety of projects and learning at school.

To support the children’s current projects outside and within the Block Area, we were lucky enough to be visited by 2 CSOs from the local area. The children were excited to find out lots of new information about a CSO’s role within the community and how they help us. From this, the children used their new knowledge to extend their thinking and within the Block Area, have begun to create stories about police, paramedics and fire fighters – represented through their drawings and buildings. Here are some photos of a snapshot of this fabulous work!




The children looked at our community by using Google Earth. They looked closely at the local Police Station to support their current interests.

The children have enjoyed developing their own stories based on new knowledge of the emergency services. They have represented this through building, drawing, creating their own story books and then developing on the Puppet Pals app.

The children have made lots of progress within their phonics work. They are building their confidence to now apply their taught reading skills to their independent writing.

Over the last few weeks, the children have enjoyed focusing on measure within our adult directed times. We have explored many ways of measuring – weight, height, length, capacity, time and distance. The children have shown they can use some mathematical language as they solved many measuring problems and have begun to use non-standardised units to measure. Educators are now asking provoking questions such as “How long?” or “How full?” to deepen the children’s understanding.

We are very proud of all of the children’s achievements this half term and are excited for the term ahead!