May in the Jigsaw groups

In Jigsaw this month we have continued to focus on improving our reading, writing and maths skills, through a variety of different tasks, but we were lucky enough to try something new in literacy where we focussed on working with the theme of growing – to do this we planted bean seeds and a variety of different flowering seeds, that the children have been able to take home. Within this work we created books about the different parts of plants, recorded what plants need to grow and finally wrote instructions about how to plant seeds. The children worked collaboratively together during the whole process, discussing what they were doing, sharing ideas and making predictions about how seeds will grow. The children have particularly enjoyed checking in with the plants each day looking for signs of growth.

In the Jigsaw Nurture group, the children’s learning has been varied based on their interests. The children have made ice cream, cheese and tomato twists and rice crispy cakes with their own focus of additional ingredients – the children are becoming experts at weighing, combining, measuring and of course eating their creations. Outside the children have continued to develop their physical skills through bike riding, basketball and tennis – some of the children have also been practising the different sports involved in sports day. The children have been challenged to create cushions, creatures and puppets for their friends and for the children in EYFS. They have become confident in joining materials and making improvements whilst reflecting on their own work. Other children have continued the growing theme and planted pots for the outdoor area using flowering and fruit plants – the children are regularly checking back to ensure that they are watered and to check for any signs of strawberries. Some children have also continued the Jubilee theme and continued to paint and create images of the Queen outside, maintaining the theme of Banksy within their work!