Dear Parents,

Finally, our Christmas break has arrived, and I’d like to wish you all the most relaxing and enjoyable festive holiday.

I also wanted to share some thoughts with you, that are worth noting at this time of year.

I know, as parents, you may feel pressure to create a ’perfect magical Christmas’. I am guessing you want to give your children the best presents and share the ‘magic’ of Santa. But I have a secret to share…Please remember, when the children come back to school in January, they tell us all about the Christmas holidays. They tell us about the days when you all stayed indoors and watched TV together. They tell us about the walks in the freezing cold, to collect a KFC, about seeing Nans and Grandads, having lie-ins and being able to snuggle together, in your bed. They talk about how you played cards for pennies, how they went swimming, saw friends and got to stay up really, really late on New Year’s Eve. They tell us about how you let them stay in their PJs on some days and how you went for a trip out on others. They sometimes talk about their gifts, but it is always clear to the staff and I… Christmas for our children, is all about you and your love and TIME and routines and FEELING SAFE. You are what matters to them; you are always their favourite thing.

This term has been a long one and the children and staff are tired. I am sure you will join me in thanking both, the whole Woodies’ team and the Friends of Woodlands for their amazing work this term. On behalf of the staff and I, I want to thank you for your continued support for us all here at Woodlands. Working together to get children here everyday, on time and supporting learning at home is vital – and very much appreciated.

Best wishes,

Mrs C

NEWSLETTER 22nd December 2023