November’s Learning


This term the children have been developing their number sense and knowledge of place value by manipulating numbers to 20. This has been achieved in several ways to solve one -step problems that involve addition and subtraction, using concrete objects, pectoral representation, and missing number problems.


This term the children continue to practise and learn a range of new sounds using the Read write Inc programme. It is lovely to see the children applying this knowledge to their writing within their phonics/ literacy lessons and to writing across the curriculum.


To support our learning in history we visited Blists Hill Victorian Town, near Ironbridge.     The children had an amazing day, as they explored and compared the clothes we wear today against the clothes the Victorian children would have worn 150 years ago during the reign of Queen Victoria. They looked carefully to see what was similar and what was different to how we dress today.
We also learnt how the Victorian lived and the jobs both children and adults would have to do before we ourselves experienced washing clothes by hand in the laundry. We used a wash tub, grated soap before experiencing the strenuous task of winding a mangle. All learning was supported through story telling as the children were tasked with delivering letters from the Post Office.