Nursery Information Spring 1 week 2

Hi everyone,

Here is the key information to support your child’s learning next week.

Our focus story will be ‘Oi Frog’ by Kes Gray

Our focus song will be Doctor Foster went to Gloucester


Story – uncomfortable, mule, stool, care, fleas, plough, gorilla, weasel, wizard, puffin, muffin

Nursery Project – Seasons, Rain, Wind, Frost, Snow, Sun, Grow, Change, Bud, Leaf, Sapling, Tree, Plant, Seed, Bulb

Please share the song and story, along with key vocabulary to introduce your child to their learning.


Well done to the SOS winners this week – Haleema and Shernice! We focused on ‘Don’t Give up’ and were very impressed with how resilient you have been. Well done to all of the other children too – you have all achieved amazing things, keep it up!