Nursery Information Spring 1 Week 6

Hi everyone,

It’s been another week filled with learning in nursery!

During project time, the children have continued to explore the natural environment and have thought about the changes that have occurred as we move into Spring. In their adult-led learning, nursery have been thinking about feelings and emotions as part of their personal, social and emotional development. They have explored the story of ‘The Worrysaurus’ and have been thinking about how music makes them feel.

Here is some key information to support your child’s learning next week.

As it is the last week of the half term, Nursery will be enjoying all of the Favourite Five stories from this term so please feel free to revisit any of the previous stories. Please remember to discuss the key vocabulary with your child.

Nursery’s focus song will be ‘I Hear Thunder’.


Literacy – wolf, crept, growled, grumbled, snarled, gasped, leapt, remind, gobble, woodcutter

Please share the song and story, along with key vocabulary to introduce your child to their learning.


Well done to the SOS winners this week – Ophelia, Charlie, Lilly-May and Harper. The focus was on ‘Concentrate’ and these children have demonstrated their concentration in all of their learning but also in becoming more independent. Well Done!

learning journey sharing weekend

This week it was green group’s turn to share their learning journeys at home. Please fill in the accompanying slip and share with the class teacher. The school appreciates your parent voice.