Nursery Information Spring 2 week 4

What a busy and full week we have had in Nursery!

During project learning, the children have been learning about the solar system and thinking about the different planets and stars within it. Educators have also been exploring growing and new life with the children, using their skills and knowledge to make scientific predictions about what the shoots may become.

Our ‘favourite five’ book for next week will be ‘The Usborne Easter Story’ by Heather Amery and Norman Young.

Vocabulary linked to focus story:

  • Jesus
  • Jerusalem
  • disciples
  • Judas
  • enemies
  • priests
  • cross
  • tomb
  • Mary
  • heaven

Our song of the week for next week will be ‘Humpty Dumpty’

Nursery Project-

This week, Nursery will be exploring Easter, thinking about why and how it is celebrated.

Nursery Project Vocabulary:

  • Easter
  • celebrate
  • new life
  • Easter eggs
  • spring
  • ducklings
  • hot cross buns

Please share the key vocabulary to support your child’s learning.

SOS Stars-

Our Secret of Success for this week was ‘Don’t Give Up’. Well done to Ariella-Mai, Essie, Freddie-Ray and Lettie; they have shown how persistent they are, even when things are really tricky!