Nursery Learning W.B. 8.2.21

This week in Nursery we have a focus for children to develop mindfulness practices that support them to enjoy what is happening ‘now’ (in the moment). We will be sharing a range of mindfulness activities for children to enjoy and develop skills to regulate their own emotions over time.

We will also be having ‘virtual’ meetings with children at home and at school. This is help to create links to support and strengthen bonds between home and school.

In Project Learning we will be focusing on the current interests of the children who have been learning in the ‘Workshop’ in Nursery. They have been exploring colour and colour mixing and are now thinking about the changing colours they have noticed in the ‘lava’ inside ‘volcanos’.

Daily stories will have a focus to support the mindfulness learning this week.

We are looking forward to hearing about and sharing all of our learning experiences this week!