Nursery News Autumn 2 week 3

What a great week in nursery! The children have been busy learning all of the songs and practicing for their upcoming nativity performance. During their adult direction time, nursery have been learning about 2-dimenional shapes and their properties and thinking about selecting appropriate shapes to make pictures.

key information for next week

The ‘Favourite Five’ story next week will be ‘One Snowy Night’ by Nick Butterworth which links to our learning about seasonal change as we move into the winter months and approach Christmas.

Key Vocabulary to share with your child:

  • warm
  • hut
  • cosy
  • blanket
  • hot cocoa
  • miserable
  • shivering
  • shoved

Nursery will continue to practice their Nativity songs next week.

For Nursery’s adult-directed learning, the children will be learning the story ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell thinking about adjectives to describe the animals in the story. They will be representing their ideas through mark-making and role play.

Key Vocabulary:

  • adjective
  • wrote
  • fierce
  • danger
  • grumpy
  • naughty
  • perfect

sos winners

The Secrets of Success award this week was for Try New Things – the winning children have shown that they are brave and willing to try things that they haven’t done before! So, a huge well done to Roniel, Emilia, Oliver and Tillie.

learning journey sharing

This week, it was green group’s turn to take their learning journeys home to share all of their hard work with their families. Please remember to return on Monday.