Nurture October 2023

This month the children have been exploring colour theory. They have used primary colours to create new, secondary colours. When they felt more confident the children then create shades and tones, using inspiration from artists to use block painting. This work with be collated to create a ‘colour wall’ in the eco lodge.

The children were keen to explore using different tools. Here they are working on their gross motor movements to use a peeler. The children worked with sticks which then quickly developed to the apples that are growing in forest school. The children understood the need for care and safety, which is why they are sitting down and using gloves.


The children have been excited to invite their friends or family members to experience an afternoon in Nurture. The children created invitations and then spent the afternoon exploring forest school and sharing a positive experience with them.

Following on from the success of the peeling earlier in the month, the children’s learning developed to using the apples to cook with. The children were taught how to light a fire safely, using a fire stick, and then they prepared their apples and cooked them like a kebab and then wrapped in pasty. The best part was the tasting!

Finally, the children were thrilled to invite parents to a stay and learn session where they carved pumpkins and then decorated them. The children were keen to share their nurture experience with their adults and demonstrated real pride in their learning.