October in Year 5

Well, October has been another busy month for Y5.


In Literacy, we have furthered our work on Victorian Shropshire, writing a class newspaper on the Nine Men of Madeley. Following on from this, and to enable us to write our own independent newspapers, we found out about jobs that children did during the Victorian times. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the video clip below and highly recommend you watch it too:




A twelve-year old boy, called George Brewster, caught our attention as he was the last ever chimney sweep to die in England.

For Black History Month, the month of October, we researched Sarah Forbes Bonetta: a young girl who caught the attention of Queen Victoria and forged a long-lasting relationship with her. We drew a timeline of key events in Sarah’s life and considered how she may have felt during each of these times. We also considered what questions we would pose to her during these key events, if we could.


In Numeracy, we have recapped our knowledge and understanding on multiplication and division, using both mental and written methods.


In Science, we have continued to explore materials with a focus on thermal conductors and insulators. We were tasked with creating a lunchbox that would keep someone’s dinner cool for several hours. In order to determine which material would be best for the lunchbox, we carried out an experiment…


We determined that plastic would be the best material for the lunchbox. This is not surprising as plastic is a good insulator.


Alongside all of this fantastic learning, we have also participating in an opera workshop, World Mental Health day and a RE Day. We look forward to sharing our November learning with you!