October update

This term we have focused our Literacy and Geography around, Extreme Earth learning about Volcanoes and Earthquakes, where we have been writing, Historical recounts (Pompeii’s volcanic eruption disaster) and  explanation texts all about what causes earthquakes.

To celebrate Black history month, We have been researching to gain information, using a range of skills from a variety of curriculum subjects on a significant black role model from the past, Nelson Mandela. Following their work, the children presented their findings in the form of a presentation to their peers and created a display for their peers around the school, which is displayed in the corridor.

In Science we investigated which material would make a great thermal insulator. They experimented with a range of materials and created a line graph from there findings.

Our next four units of spellings, Units 5 to 8 are as followed:

Unit 5

Words ending in -ibly and -ably

Unit 6

Words ending in -ent

Unit 7

Words ending in -ence

Unit 8

The ee sound spelt ei

The link will take you to some of the spelling words the children will be learning.

Unit 5_8