October update for Jigsaw

This month has been very busy, with the children working hard and pushing themselves to achieve more and feel successful. We have had lots of ‘stars of the week’, where children are recognised by the Jigsaw adults and the other children for excelling in something over the course of the week.

The children in Jigsaw 1 have continued to work hard on their reading and writing, with some fantastic character descriptions and frog life cycle fact files being planned, researched and written. The children are improving their accuracy with their punctuation and are developing their confidence to add more interesting and descriptive language to their writing.

In maths lessons, the children have consolidated their understanding of the principles of addition and subtraction – this has enabled them to solve standard equations, and then tackle more intricate reasoning and problem solving tasks. The children have enjoyed pushing themselves and are more confident to explain their understanding of the learning they are completing with their friends, the adults and in writing.

In the Nurture sessions, we have spent time exploring some very interesting art work from African and African-American backgrounds, as part of the Black History Month focus. The children worked purposefully to recreate Alma Thomas inspired artwork and Kente patterns, working both independently and collaboratively, on both large and small scales.


During the last  week we had lots of Halloween based learning, and we were excited to invite families in for a stay and learn. Pumpkins were carved and decorated and bat boxes were built and decorated in preparation for the half term holiday fun!