October Update – Year 4

It’s been another fabulous week in year 4!

We have been learning all about persuasive writing this month and have put our skills to the test with a piece of writing to persuade people to visit Spain.

In maths, we have been using column addition and subtraction and have begun thinking about mental strategies to help us divide and multiply.

As scientists, we have continued with our electricity topic, investigating what materials act as insulators and which are conductors.

We have been practicing retouching in computing and have editing images using different software.

As part of Black History month, we learnt about the experiences and feelings of people abroad the Empire Windrush. Then we used our imaginations to write our own diary entry as a passenger on the Empire Windrush.

In PE we have been practicing our netball and gymnastics skills. Pedestrian training also happened this month along with more Spanish learning.