Our DT Week

After a week of Design and Technology, we have really enjoyed ourselves and completed our projects. We have produced mechanical toys that we are very proud of and learnt lots of new things!

Brandon explained, “ I have really enjoyed DT week and exploring a range of mechanical devices.”

Owen said, “ The week was very good and I enjoyed all the different stages from exploring, to designing, making a prototype, producing a final product and evaluating the product.”

Whilst we were involved in Design and Technology week, we covered lots of our SOS Squad targets – including:

“ I have concentrated really hard – especially when I had to adapt the mechanisms into my final design, “ commented Lydia.

Vinnie said, “ I have understood others. When I could see they were struggling, I helped them create their mechanisms.”

Teyha explained, “ I didn’t give up. Some of my pivots wouldn’t quite go in the correct position but I kept going until it was right and worked.”SAM_0826SAM_0830SAM_0833SAM_0835SAM_0837SAM_0838SAM_0841SAM_0845SAM_0844SAM_0846SAM_0848SAM_0849