Unfortunately, over the last few weeks, we are hearing about the negative side of children using social media and the impact of inappropriate use of Apps and games, for children who are accessing them before the recommended age. This is leading to children falling out, incidents of online bullying and exposure to inappropriate content, beyond the school grounds. This is resulting in staff having to try and resolve incidents and issues that are occurring when the children are at home and that are, in fact, totally avoidable, if appropriate measures are taken. Please can I request that all parents support the school in helping us to keep our children safe, both at home and in school.

Please be aware of how your child is using the internet and the messages they are sending to their friends and the games that they are accessing. Keeping children safe needs to be everyone’s priority. If you refer to the school website, there are top tips and parent guides to advise and support.

Sadly, we have also been made aware of a particularly distressing game/TiKTok/YouTube character called ‘Huggy Wuggy’. Parents are being urged not to let their children watch terrifying TikTok and YouTube videos of the killer teddy. The bear sings about “hugging and killing” and asks those watching to “take their last breath”.

Police have issued a warning over the character after some children have been seen recreating the bear’s actions on the playground.
Please follow the link below for more information.

Mrs C