Woodlands are pleased to announce that ParentPay is now up and running well.  From Monday 16th April 2018 we operate a fully cashless school for Breakfast Club, School Dinners, Trips, After School Provision and After School Clubs.

The feedback we have received has been extremely positive.  Parents feel it is very convenient and enables the parents to keep track of your child payments for various activities, dinners etc.

Extended Services

At Woodlands we offer Breakfast Club, After School Provision and After School Clubs.  If you have any outstanding debts, your opportunity to access our extended services  will be temporarily suspended until all payments have been made.  As a result you may find that you cannot access all items through ParentPay.  Please ensure that your account is in credit and up to date.

Activation Letters

Please contact the School Administration Team direct who can supply you with another activation letter if required and assist you with access.

Link to Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you.