Project Learning Showcase 29.3.21

Hello parents and carers! Each week, we will be showcasing some work from a particular Project Learning area, so that you can see more of what we are getting up to at school! This week it is my turn and I will show you a snapshot of the current thinking that is taking place within the Block Area.

On returning to school, the children have continued to explore and design different types of bridges. We have thought carefully about the type of materials and the shapes that would make a bridge stronger. Taking inspiration from London Bridge and Spaghetti Junction, the children’s enquiries and growing theories led to the provocation of; “Tell me how a bridge might be used?”

Mia “This is a train bridge. The train is taking me and my family to the seaside.”

The children continued to work collaboratively to share their own ideas and develop their own representations through drawing, building and story-telling.

Please take a look at the photos too!

Many thanks, Mrs Dodd.