Today the School Council delivered a Question Time assembly to the whole school.

Why is it important to have Question Time at our school?

Ellie (School Council Secretary) –  “It is important to allow children to ask questions about their school.  It can help them understand something, help to improve or even change things at school”.

On the picture below we can see Liam (School Council Chair) and Ellie (School Council Secretary).  They led today’s assembly.  Well done!


Our panel included the Inclusion Team (Mrs Fisher, Mrs Garbett and Mrs Bailey), Friends of Woodlands (Ali and Jill), Rubie (YR6) answering on behalf of Mrs Duncombe, Assistant Head (Mrs Shephard), Deputy Head (Mrs Crilly), Head Teacher (Mr Demmerling) and a School Governor (Gill Green).  It was great to hear all their responses to the children’s questions.


Jasmine asked “Mrs Crilly can we have a pet in school please?”

Mrs Crilly “That sounds like a fabulous idea!  What do you think about having a dog?”   The whole school cheered.

Sydney “It was great when Mrs Crilly said we could have a pet for the school as some children don’t have any pets at home”.

Scott (Year 5) Miss Blyth’s class said “After listening to Gill Green, the School Governor,  I would like to be one when I am older as it sounds interesting”.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents that came to see the assembly.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!