Re: Momo challenge

We know many of you are aware from the news that there is a new challenge circulating social media, particularly Whatsapp, called the Momo Challenge. It s a sinister game where young people are sent messages from a contact with a creepy doll-like face as the avatar image.

Once the young person has added the contact, they are constantly messaged with violent images and dares, often encouraging them to harm themselves. In addition, hackers are collecting personal information that they are recieving through this game.

We have taken steps to reassure the children on school that this image, although distressing, is not real and cannot harm them. Obviously the children will not be able to search for, or access this in school, but we request that you follow the attached advice (also shared on a letter sent hom) to help us keep your children safe and well.

Thank you for taking the time to read the advice recommended.