Reception Learning WB 1-2-21

Here are some examples of fabulous thinking from our home and school learners this week!

The children shared their complex thinking related to the sky during their project ‘s learning session this week.  As many of the children’s ideas developed it was clear they became interested in sharing their ideas about a stormy sky through story telling. Take a look at our photos to see some of the amazing theories as they developed.

Lots more reading and writing has taken place during phonics this week. Children – you have been using ‘Fred talk’ and ‘Fred fingers’ really well to apply your reading skills to your writing. Well done!

To support ‘ The National Mental Health Week 2021’  we have been thinking carefully about our emotions and feelings. We have used a range of media to support our understanding of different feeling and to learn new strategies to help self- regulate our emotions.

We are really proud of all the learning that has taken place this week. Well done everyone!