Reception News Autumn 2 Week 2

Maths Stay and Learn

Thank you to all parents and carers that were able to attend the maths stay and learn session this week. It was great to be able to give you an insight into how maths is being taught and to give your more strategies to support your child’s mathematical thinking at home.

FOcus Story and Nursery Rhyme

Our focus story will be ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy

A link to the story is below to share with your child. Don’t forget that a copy of the favourite 5 stories are always located within our book corner if you would like to share these with your child during Welcome Time.

Our focus song will be ‘One Finger, One Thumb, Keep Moving’


World Nursery Rhyme Week

In order to celebrate and take part in World Nursery Rhyme week (WB: 14.11.22), the children within EYFS performed their weekly nursery rhyme to the Year 1 and Year 2 children today! They were so confident and learnt all the vocabulary and actions excellently!

Key Vocabulary

Story – Aeroplane, snore, hedgehog, owl, birds, clock, alarm, drip, snuffle, noisy, exhausted, alarm, pillow, playing

Reception Project – Healthy, exercise, food, drink, fruit, vegetables, clean, sleep, eat, doctor, dentist, care

Maths –

  • Same             – add              – amount
  • How many? – numeral        – count
  • Sort              – Match           – accurately


LEarning Journey Sharing

This week it was red group’s turn to take their books home to share with their friends and family over the weekend! Please have a look at the accompanying letter and discuss this with your child. Please ensure your return your child’s book by Monday. Happy sharing!