Reception News Spring 1, Week 2

It’s been another busy week in Reception. This week children have been enjoying learning about how people grow and change over time. Learners have been describing what they were like when they were younger and comparing themselves to older people to note the key differences. Thank you so much for your support in sending on your child’s baby photo! They were a lovely talking point for the children’s learning.

Next week, Reception will be focussing on human and physical features of the local environment and thinking about the community around their homes.


The ‘Favourite Five’ story for next week will be ‘There’s a Monster in Your Book’ by Tom Fletcher

Key Vocabulary to share with your child:

  • shake
  • tickle
  • blow
  • tilt
  • wiggle
  • spinning
  • dizzy
  • monster

Our focus song will be ‘Dr Foster’.


The Secrets of Success award this week for ‘Don’t Give Up’ and the winners this week have demonstrated how persistent they are in all that they do.

Well done to Elijah T, Brooke F, Samual A, Gigi A.

learning journey sharing

This week it was blue group’s turn to take their learning journeys home for sharing with their friends and family. Please remember to return on Monday.

key dates for spring term

  • Phonics ‘stay and learn’ sessions will run through the week beginning 22nd January – 26th January 2024
  • Term ends on Friday 9th February 2024