Reception News Spring 1, Week 6

Hi everyone,

It’s been another week filled with learning in Reception! This week, we have been learning about how to make maps and focussing on how to draw places using a ‘birds eye’ or ‘ariel’ view. We have also been looking at different symbols on maps and then building our maps using a range of loose parts and construction materials.

Thank you so much to all of the parents who came to the Mathematics stay and learn! The children thoroughly enjoyed showing their parents their amazing learning. If you have any questions regarding how we teach Mathematics, we will be sharing some key tips and ways to help at home via Dojo.

Here is some key information to support your child’s learning next week.

As it is the last week of the half term, Reception will be enjoying all of the Favourite Five stories from this term so please feel free to revisit any of the previous stories. Please remember to discuss the key vocabulary with your child.

Reception’s focus song will be ‘I Hear Thunder’.


Please share the song and story, along with key vocabulary to introduce your child to their learning.

Key Vocabulary-

  • map
  • road
  • river
  • path
  • symbol
  • house
  • building
  • human feature
  • forest
  • sea
  • physical feature


Well done to the SOS winners this week – Lachlan, Sophia, Kayden and Hunter! The focus was on ‘Concentrate’ and these children have demonstrated amazing concentration and attention to detail in a variety of contexts.

learning journey sharing weekend

This week it was yellow group’s turn to share their learning journeys at home. Please fill in the accompanying slip and share with the class teacher. The school appreciates your parent voice.