Reception News, Spring 1, Week 7


Hi everyone,

What a fantastic half term in Reception!

During project time, the children have continued to explore a range of enquiries. These have included castles, the human body, healthy eating,  space, snails, crabs and the natural environment outside. The children have improved their knowledge and skills, whilst deepening their enquiries and reflective skills overtime.

Here is some key information to support your child’s learning for the week after half term.

The focus story will be ‘Stuck’ by Oliver Jeffers.


Reception Focus song will be ‘There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly’


Story – Began, stuck, favourite, fetched, ridiculous, definitely, long-distance, lighthouse, followed, commotion, idea, hurled, exhausted, delighted.

Reception Project – Pitch, melody, drum, tambourine, maraca, triangle, xylophone, pulse, volume.


Maths  –  Same       -add,     -amount    -How many?      – numeral        – count

– Sort              – Match           – accurately   – number             – more             – less

Please share the song and story, along with key vocabulary to introduce your child to their learning.


Well done to the SOS winners this week – Daisy, Isaac, Paisley, Layla. The focus was on ‘Push Yourself’ and these children have demonstrated that they are willing to work hard with their learning and not give up if things are hard. Xander and Tulip received the lunchtime award this week as they had demonstrated positive friendship behaviour. Lastly, Belle and Ivor won the award for good attendance, receiving a Smyths voucher each.


Woodlands will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday the 2nd March and it will have a theme of Roald Dahl. If your child would like to dress up, they are welcome to dress up as their favourite character from any of the Roald Dahl stories or any other book character of their choice.

We hope you have a fantastic half term!