Reception News- Summer 1, Week 1

What a great first week back!

This week, during project learning time, children have been investigating countries and landscapes from around the world. Children have thought about how landscapes are different across the globe and have represented their ideas through drawings, blocks and loose parts to build. We have also been using IPAD’s to take a look on Google Earth at different landscapes across the globe.

Learners have also been interested this week in learning about the up coming King’s coronation, we have been thinking about where the King lives and how a coronation is celebrated!

Please find our Summer 1 Curriculum Overview for this half term:

Curriculum overview Reception Summer 1 2023 PDF

The ‘favourite five’ book for next week will be Around the world with Max and Lemon,  a Twinkl story.


Vocabulary linked to focus story:

  • unique
  • mountain
  • desert
  • jungle
  • ocean
  • island
  • world

Our song of the week for next week will be ‘Alice the Camel’ 


Reception Project-

This coming week, children will be continuing their learning about other countries around the world but will be focussing on how peoples lives and homes differ around the world.

Reception Project Vocabulary:

  • Homes
  • Igloo
  • Mud hut
  • Stilt House
  • Landscape
  • Country
  • City
  • Human feature
  • Physical feature

Please share the key vocabulary to support your child’s learning.

SOS Stars-

The Secret of Success for this week was ‘Push Yourself’ and the winners have shown us how hard they have worked for this award this week! A very well done to Aston, Paisley, Poppy and Mollie- you are all superstars!