Reception Spring 1 Week 4

Hi Everyone,
What a very busy week we have all had!
This week we have had lots of amazing work during our project learning time. In the block area, children have been designing and building castles, looking at different features of castles and learning how to draw silhouettes.
In the Workshop, children have been making predictions and recording their observations of plant bulbs and have been thinking carefully about what they might grow or turn into.
Here is some key information to support your child’s learning next week.

Our focus story will be ‘Wriggle and Roar’ by Julia Donaldson

Our focus song will be ‘Miss Molly had a Dolly’ 


Story – writhe, meal, eel, tickle, gardener, dig, spade, thirsty, shrug, sigh

Reception Project – physical feature, hill, river, tree, forest, valley, weather, seasons, soil

Please share the song and story, along with key vocabulary to introduce your child to their learning.


Well done to the SOS winners this week – Ava, Ayiaz, Ryan and Jayson! The focus was on ‘Work Hard’ and the educators were so impressed with how they have demonstrated focus and determination in all that they do.