Recycling week in Jigsaw 2

We have focussed on recycling, reusing and reducing waste this week in Jigsaw 2. We have explored a variety of different ways we can promote recycling with our families and friends. We designed a poster to persuade people to recycle their waste. We spent time litter picking around school, and filled 5 bin bags with rubbish – lots and lots of sweet wrappers dropped on the way home! We have reused tin cans and created sculptures and objects from them, and finally we researched and created a fact file about different ways to recycle our rubbish.

IMG_8954[1] IMG_8956[1] IMG_8953[1] IMG_8962[1] IMG_8976[1] IMG_8967[1] IMG_8990[1] IMG_8995[1] IMG_9003[1]