Remote Learning 25.01.21

At the start of this week we enjoyed some time in the snow, making snow men and completing some snow challenges.


This week we are completing our Stone Age adventure story using the characters we created last week. We are focusing on using inverted commas, pronouns and a range of adjectives and adverbs.


In Maths we are learning to solve larger division equations, involving a remainder, before consolidating our work on multiplication and division.

Foundation subjects:

In Science we will be continuing our work on ‘Humans and Animals’ by looking at the different skeletons for various animals and sorting them depending on their skeletons.

In Art we are practising completing half of a portrait of ourselves/our teacher using pencil, with a focus on proportions and sketching.

In computing we are learning about inputs and outputs and this week. We will be creating our own digital device and discussing what the input and output of our own device will be.