Safer Internet Day in Year 4

Yesterday in class, year 4 celebrated Safer Internet Day and Mental Health week. In the morning, the children have explored the uses and the risks of social media linking it to their wellbeing and how this can be linked to their physical and mental health. The children, also discussed the positives to social media and how it can help us keep connected.

The children then thought about what the same is and what is different between socialising with friends face to face and groups, they used the “Game Goblin” to identify how online game could be ruined through impolite and disrespectful behaviour. Following this, in groups they took a look at “Be Kind Online Cards” and sorted them into those that are kind and those that are not.

The children have also, with the help of Zap the alien, explored how they can keep themselves safe online through thinking carefully about how content they post and it might affect others, their feelings and how it may affect how others feel about them (their reputation). The children also discussed the effect of an online post can have on others and why they should reflect on a post before sharing it along with what actions they would take to keep themselves safe in these different situations through giving Zap some top tips to keep himself safe online especially when using social media.

In the afternoon, they have explored and discussed their growing emotions that their emotions change over time as they get older our emotions can grow. The children considered how their emotions can grow when things don’t go away understanding that they can learn from their mistakes. The children also learnt to reflect together, by understanding that growing emotionally doesn’t happen quickly. It can take time to notice, learn about and understand their thoughts and feelings. It is also something they continue to do for the whole of their lives! That they can help each other to grow emotionally and to understand their thoughts and feelings.