Junior Road Safety Officers email local Councillors to voice Woodlands concerns with regards to the proposed Woodland Walk closure.


We would like to add our concerns about the closure of the Woodland Walk as part of the Junior Road Safety Team at Woodlands Primary School.

As a school we work very hard to keep everyone safe at Woodlands.  We are currently completing our Telford and Wrekin Modeshift GOLD Road Safety Award, after completing Silver and Bronze.

We are very concerned because of the following reasons…

  • The walk along Ironbridge Road is a busy main road
  • When we completed our travel survey it showed that cars went faster than the speed limit at peak times.
  • There are no speed cameras
  • There are no picture signs saying ‘school ahead’ by the island near Woodlands.
  • There are no railings between the footpath and Ironbridge road.
  • There are many people dropping off children at our school which previously made the Ironbridge footpath very busy and unsafe.

Woodlands Parents/Carers and children were promised a safe route to our school.  Some parents have said they live on the estate and are upset that the path is being closed.

Previously there have been children hit by vehicles.  However since the promised path was opened there have been no near misses or accidents.  It would be very upsetting if the path was closed and an adult or child were hurt or seriously injured

We are very upset that Woodlands Parents/Carers and children were not consulted about the closure.

We look forward to your response.

Junior Road Safety Officers

Woodlands Primary and Nursery School

Ironbridge Road


Telford & Wrekin