September in Jigsaw!

We have had a busy month in Jigsaw, welcoming new members to our group, exploring new learning bases and working with new grown ups! The children have been busy demonstrating their strengths and abilities whilst improving and learning new skills. All of the children have had a positive start back to the new year and below is just a small amount of what we have been busy learning.

Jigsaw 1: We focus on core subjects here – guided reading, literacy and maths. The children have been recalling and using their phonic knowledge with confidence to develop their fluency and then understanding of the texts they are reading. I am thrilled that so many children are remembering to read at home and bring their books and diaries in each day! Well done! In Mrs Barnett’s literacy group the children are continuing with their RWI Yellow texts and Mrs Housley’s group have begun to use the RWI Literacy and Language programme. Our first story was called “Sister for sale”. As you can imagine the children have found this really funny and have related lots of their own experiences with their siblings when discussing ideas and themes of the text.

In maths the children have bene focussing on their knowledge and understanding of place value and then moving into addition – they have demonstrated their knowledge in using resources, mental arithmetic and reasoning with a wide range of equations, challenges and questions. Below are some images of the children working.

In the Nurture group we have welcomed lots of new members – the children have been encouraged to explore the environment, understand the need for rules and staying safe and they have been supported to build positive relationships with each other and the staff supporting them. Snack is a popular part of the afternoon and the children are enjoying the opportunity to share their feelings during the circle time.

We have excitedly observed the children working collaboratively and pushing themselves to try new things and develop new skills. Below are a sample of images showing this incredible learning!