September in Year 3

This month, we have been thrilled to welcome all the children into Year 3.

So far, we have enjoyed finding out about the Stone Age through our own historical research into Stone Age life and its people. We have written a non-chronological report in the correct tense and using accurate punctuation.

In our Numeracy work in Year 3, we are now working with numbers up to 1000 and have been able to develop our place value knowledge to order and compare numbers up to 1000. We are now working on methods for adding three digit numbers together.

Our Science topic this term is forces. We are currently carrying out an investigation to find out which surface creates the greatest amount of friction, thus slowing the object down.

Two children talking to each other.

During the afternoons, the children have really enjoyed their first few lessons of Spanish. They have learnt to introduce themselves and greet others in Spanish as well as count to 10 in Spanish. Please see the photo below of children practising their Spanish skills with each other.

What a great start to Year 3!